A Powerful Force Monier and Bradford Energy
As energy prices rise, the demand for solar solutions is ever-increasing and our builders searching for solutions that address the needs of consumers.  They want solar options that save them money and look beautiful on a roof that will stand the test of time.

Likewise, with consumers we have seen a significant interest in Monier’s SolarTile, yet many still finding it quite cost prohibitive. This has been the catalyst for Monier’s next innovation in solar and roofing – InlineSOLAR. InlineSOLAR offers a more affordable solution for consumers and yet still delivers a smart, strong and beautiful roof. 

InlineSOLAR is recess-mounted within the roof line, delivering a seamless look that is complemented when used with Monier’s flat tile range, ultimately bringing consumers all the benefits of solar power while maximising the street appeal of their home.

Available in standard black framed panels, InlineSOLAR can be upgraded to the elite panel option, using the industry-leading LG all-black panels. To increase savings, InlineSOLAR can be paired with a Tesla Powerwall to create the ultimate solar roofing solution. 

Monier and Bradford Solar have been working closely together to help bring this offer to market. With Bradford’s expertise in Solar and Monier’s in SolarTile and the roof – we will work together to deliver more solar roofs for consumers across Australia.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? www.monier.com.au/Products/Solar

Autumn 2018