Parental Leave Assist

CSR's new and improved parental leave package. Another great reason to join our team.

CSR understands that it’s important for our employees to spend time with their children in their earliest months, that’s why we’ve launched Parental Leave Assist.

 We have worked with our employees to re-design and implement a package that supports new parents during this important time in their lives.

“Having a child is a very exciting, yet daunting period in working parents’ lives.  Our plan with the CSR Parental Leave Assist is not only to help parents with the costs of being out of the workforce, but also ensure they stay connected with what’s going on at work, and make the transition back to work as easy as possible.  This is often the most difficult time for working parents.” Rob Sindel, Managing Director

 In addition to 10 weeks paid leave, CSR now offers:

Parent Leave Assist Team: Focussed support for parents and managers pre, during leave and on their transition back to work.

Keeping in touch days: Up to 10 paid keeping in touch days if you choose to take part in work related activities.

Return to work bonus: 2 weeks’ pay in addition to CSR’s standard entitlement once the 3 month return to work milestone has been reached.

Other benefits:  Superannuation paid on all parts of paid parental leave and check-in days.  Ability to pre-purchase annual leave.  Flexibility to have lead paid over 20 weeks at half pay.

Eligibility requirements apply

Autumn 2018