Protecting Lives and Property

Bushfires in Western Australia

In late May, two massive bushfires were threatening lives and homes around Albany and other communities across Western Australia’s south coast. The season’s first strong cold front fanned flames causing spot fires up to 1.5 kilometres ahead of one blaze.

At one stage, more than 30 fires were active in the region, with a Department of Fire and Emergency Services spokesperson saying it was “an unprecedented fire situation within the City of Albany”.

Roy Parsons, Trade Counter Sales/Warehouse Operator at our Gyprock Trade Store in Albany, was released from his CSR duties to take up his role as a Bush Fire Brigade volunteer fire fighter. As a Deputy Fire Control Officer, Roy played an important role in the allocation of resources to fight the fires. 

By the time the fire was brought under control over 21,000 hectares of farm and bushland had been burnt, at least two homes destroyed, livestock lost, but fortunately no people lost. A big thank you to Roy and his bush fire brigade volunteers for your amazing effort.


Winter 2018