CSR employees raise $38,000 for Cyclone Larry relief efforts

CSR Limitedtoday announced that its Australian employees have donated almost $38,000 tosupport those affected by Cyclone Larry.

CSR CEOand Managing Director, Alec Brennan said the company had established a “threefor one” donation scheme where CSR would triple the dollar value of everyAustralian employee donation during April.

“Thisinitiative increases the value of every one employee donated dollar to a totalof four dollars towards the cyclone relief fund,” he said.

The totaldonation to the Cyclone Larry relief fund from CSR and its employees is nowover $150,000.

Mr Brennansaid CSR employees were digging deep to support those affected, with employeesdonating almost $38,000, including $26,000 from the company’s sugar divisionwhich is based in the north Queensland region.

“CSR andour employees have a proud history of offering support to those in need, and Iam heartened to be able to extend this offer of help to the people of Innisfailand north Queensland,” Mr Brennan said.

Mr Brennansaid the area hit by the cyclone held special significance for CSR, with thecompany’s Herbert Region mills operating only 100km south of Innisfail.

“With ourHerbert Region mills so close, we have special empathy for our next doorneighbours and are determined to help where we can,” Mr Brennan said.

As part ofthe company’s cyclone relief efforts, CSR has already donated a mobile craneand tarpaulins to the rebuilding of Babinda Sugar Mill.

“Ourmobile crane is already operational in Babinda, assisting our sugar millingneighbours in repairs ahead of the commencement of harvesting to ensure muchneeded cash flows back into the community, he said.

Mr Brennansaid CSR is working with the Shire of Johnstone and the Recovery OrganisingCommittee to develop further responses to assist in the rebuilding of theregion.