Workplace Health, Safety & Environment
Workplace Health, Safety & Environment
Workplace Health, Safety & Environment

At CSR, we care for and protect each other, our business and our environment; with the aim to build a sustainable, profitable and growing enterprise.

The workplace health and safety of our people and the preservation of the environment in which we operate are core values at CSR.

Consistent with this, CSR will strive to achieve zero harm, in respect to work health, safety and the environment by:

  • Complying with the laws, regulations and CSR operational policies and standards;
  • Establishing measurable WHSE objectives and targets, recognising and celebrating their achievement;
  • Identifying, assessing and controlling hazards and impacts, and adopting an approach that will strive to eliminate or reduce the risk to an acceptable level;
  • Informing employees, contractors, visitors and the public of these hazards and impacts, that may cause potential harm to them; our business and/or our environment;
  • Identifying, implementing, monitoring and reinforcing the safe behaviours we expect in our business to eliminate unsafe acts and practices.
  • Providing appropriate workplace health, safety and environmental training to employees and contractors;
  • Investigating incidents and share lessons learnt with all applicable stakeholders to prevent a re-occurrence.
  • Consulting and communicating with employees and contractors to continually improve the work health, safety and environmental performance in our workplaces.

All employees, contractors and visitors are expected to comply with this policy and the CSR Board and Management will provide the necessary resources and training to ensure this complaince.