Fairness, Respect and Diversity Policy
Fairness, Respect and Diversity Policy
Fairness, Respect and Diversity Policy

CSR recognizes that a workplace that promotes diversity and equality of opportunity will deliver superior business results and help its people achieve their full potential.

By promoting diversity in our business we will:

  • have a more open and trusting workplace
  • generate more innovative solutions and products
  • attract and retain talented people now and into the future
  • help our people achieve their potential and goals

CSR is therefore committed to providing an environment where people in the workplace are treated fairly, with respect and free from discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation.

CSR recognizes that discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimization are not only unlawful but are bad for business. CSR employees who are found to unlawfully discriminate, harass, bully or victimise will be subject to the CSR Disciplinary Procedure which may result in dismissal.

CSR will maintain procedures that:

  • set out obligations for all CSR people especially those in supervisory and management roles who have additional responsibilities to monitor and maintain appropriate behaviours in our workplace,
  • defines discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation
  • sets out the process for dealing with a complaint.

CSR will promote initiatives that support this policy. These initiatives will be based around promoting equality of opportunity, education and training, and specific measures which will form the basis of reporting to senior management, the CSR Board and external regulatory authorities.

The CSR Board has established measurable objectives for promoting diversity and undertakes an annual assessment of those objectives and CSR’s progress in achieving them.  Further information can be found in CSR's Annual Report, under the Corporate Governance section.