Alert to Shareholders Regarding Unsolicited Offer for Shares

CSR advises shareholders that it has provided a copy of its share register to Share Buying Group Pty Ltd, following a request by that company. Under the Corporations Act, CSR was obliged to comply with this request.

CSR advises shareholders to beware of any unsolicited offer they may receive.

If a shareholder accepts an unsolicited offer, it may result in them receiving a price for their shares below what they could receive by trading on the market through a licensed broker.

Alternatively, shareholders may receive an offer at market price but with unfavourable terms - for example, payment staggered over an extended time frame.

CSR recommends that if shareholders receive an unsolicited offer for their shares they should read the documentation carefully and seek independent financial advice before making any decisions.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has previously advised shareholders to be alert to some of the pitfalls of unsolicited and unexpected offers for their shares. This information can be found at