CSR welcomes Victorian Climate Change White Paper

One of Australia’s leading building products manufacturers, CSR, has welcomed the Victorian Government’s release of the Victorian Climate Change White Paper.

Building on its recent announcement to upgrade the energy efficiency of new homes and major renovations to the 6 star energy rating, the Victorian Government has recognised the major task to upgrade the existing housing stock with the release of this report.

“Most houses that Victorians will live in until 2050 have already been built.However, most were built to low standards of energy efficiency,” said CEO of CSR Building Products, Rob Sindel.

“Assessment of a dwelling’s energy performance will become an important driver of improvement. Buyers will be able to recognise the level of comfort and operating cost of a prospective purchase and tenants will have an added measure of knowledge when they decide on their choice of property to lease.

“Better insulation in floors, walls and ceilings, together with higher quality glass, more efficient ventilation systems, as well as more prudent use of valuable energy resources will all contribute to lowering greenhouse gas emissions,” Mr Sindel said.

Landlords and owners who improve their dwelling’s energy performance could potentially see their properties sell or lease faster and at possibly higher prices than comparable properties with inferior energy performance. Energy use and occupant comfort will become another feature for differentiation.

Early action in establishing the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive provides a way for homeowners to take advantage of the assessments.

The successful demonstration of these policies will provide a way forward for other jurisdictions to improve the liveability and reduce the operating costs of heating and cooling homes.