What do we do with this information?

Throughout all of the businesses within the CSR group we work to help thousands of customers every day, across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. And each of those customers is immensely important to us. The core of our business is helping people – help them get something that they need for a project, provide some guidance on how to do something, or put people in contact with others that can help them.

We care a lot about how this process goes ... And, we specifically care about how it went from your perspective. In the end, the only person who can legitimately answer this question is you. Naturally we get this feedback in lots of ways through our many people interacting with our customers day-to-day – that’s just how people get along. And, we also like to keep an objective eye on how things are going, and the simple question we asked you today lets us build a picture of how we’re going at providing you with what you needed.

We all have good days and not-so-good days, so the responses will naturally move around a bit, but if we start seeing a consistent movement in what certain groups of responses show, well, that tells us we’ve got something to work on – good or bad. Our primary purpose here is to view all the responses in aggregate – to build an overall picture of how we're tracking. That said, we can see the responses at an individual level, and we will attribute them to the specific customer concerned where we think it would be to the customer's benefit to do so (e.g. to take action on a specific issue raised).

Thank you for taking a moment from your day to let us know how you’re feeling about our recent experience together; regardless of whether the feedback was good or bad, we care, and we appreciate you letting us know.

So, thank you.

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